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B & L Resources COVID -19 Pandemic Planning & Response

Although our offices are currently closed to the public in order to respect public health advice regarding social Isololation, rest assured that our dedicated foster parents and staff are continuing to provide a complete range of services in order to assure the safety, health and well being of all children & youth in our care.   Our switchboards are monitored during office hours and we can always be reached by email at info@blresources.ca.  Program managers, supervisors, case managers & office staff are all still available through their regular methods of contact.   


B & L Resources for Children, Youth & Families is currently operating under its Pandemic Plan.  The plan, developed initially in 2009 with the assistance of MDG Crisis Management Consulting Inc. in preparation for the H1N1 influenza pandemic, has been reconstituted to reflect current conditions in relation to COVID-19 and steps are being taken to: 
•    Respond to and mitigate a potential pandemic as it may impact the provision of our services.
•    Ensure the continuity and quality of basic care service throughout B & L.
To that end, a Pandemic Planning & Response Team has been established at B & L.  The team will:
•    Function as the core strategy development group and provide planning leadership to the organization regarding the threat.
•    Evaluate the threat on an ongoing basis and identify the impact on operations.
•    Interpret and incorporate national and provincial guidance into the plans.
•    Develop and implement mitigation strategies.  These strategies will include preparations in foster homes. 
•    Having identified critical functions, employees, and dependencies, the team will then make provision for services as well as necessary supplies and materials to implement these strategies and determine the extent of preparations and interventions that are necessary based upon current information.
•    Develop communication guidelines and strategies to support and educate foster parents and staff and to communicate necessary information to all our stakeholders.
The pandemic plans focus on maintaining the operation of our services, as well as providing support and ensuring the wellbeing of all children & youth in our care along with their foster families and our B & L staff.  The plans are designed to provide for a wide range of possibilities, and if necessary, a possible worst-case scenario.
In the coming days, representatives of the Planning & Response Team will be in touch with our various stakeholders with a goal of establishing clear lines of communication and to share information.  We will be counting on your cooperation and support.
If you or any questions or wish to discuss, please contact us.


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