B & L Resources for Children, Youth and Families envisions respectful relationships with Indigenous people as the foundation of all policy, programming and interactions between our agency and all Indigenous organizations and communities.

To Share a Vision

Guiding Principles for the Care of Indigenous Children & Youth

The following guiding principles provide the foundation for the policies and programs that B & L Resources for Children, Youth and Families uses as a framework to improve the well-being of indigenous youth in care.

Respect for Indigenous Cultures and Spiritualties

Indigenous cultures and spiritualties are recognized and respected, with the acknowledgement that they provide the foundation of identity for many Indigenous people. Indigenous expertise in Indigenous cultures is recognized, and community-based approaches are understood as essentially linked to positive outcomes.

Respect for Indigenous Diversity

The distinctions and diversity of First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples is recognized and respected. Additionally, recognition and consideration is given to the diversities within these communities, including gender, sexual orientation, age, language, religion, ability and socioeconomic differences.

Equity and Access

Equitable access requires working to address barriers to ensure all youth in care are able to receive services, regardless of the circumstances.   Special attention must be given to ensure the needs of youth including those with disabilities, 2SLGBTQQIA [two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex and asexual] and other diverse groups are considered during policy and program development, delivery and evaluation. Barriers to accessing and receiving equitable service need to be examined, and services must seek to create and nurture safe spaces for all youth in care.  

Responsive to Community Priorities

Community-identified needs and priorities provide the basis for policy and program development. This includes flexibility to adapt policies and programs to ensure the best possible outcomes for youth in care.

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