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The Need

  • There is a large and unprecedented number of children and youth in care.

  • As an organization, we don’t make the decision to bring youth into care, we provide initial emergency receiving as well as special programs for those with extra needs and/or requiring longer term placements.   Our programs act in service of more than 20 Indigenous agencies, and we provide emergency care services within the City of Winnipeg and surrounding area for families in communities across the entire province and in Northwest Ontario.

  • When there is a breakdown and for the sake of a child’s safety it’s necessary to bring children into care, those children require a safe landing place… 

  • A place where their parents and extended family know their children are safe and well cared for…

  • An immediate path to family reconciliation when possible.

  • When that’s not possible, a safe, supportive and nurturing environment to grow and develop away from the previous family environment.

  • B & L programs are addressing the needs of the here and now.  As an organization, we don’t have any direct influence over the issues that contribute to family dysfunction (housing, food, income security, health issues, both physical and mental, addictions issues, domestic violence, sexual abuse or crime).  As long as these problems persist, from time to time, children will need protection.

The Message

  • You’ve heard of the problem, no safe places for youth in care, and the dangers of hotels and emergency shelters.  Be part of the solution: be part of an emergency receiving and family reunification program. Help support youth who need extra support. Help rebuild the broken bonds within families and provide a safe and nurturing environment for a fresh start…

  • Solution: become a foster parent in the Children’s Emergency Program, Family Connections Program or Mentor Program.  You can be the difference.

  • B & L works from the earliest days to implement a comprehensive case management plan, designed wherever possible to knit broken families back together and to provide both children and their parents with safety and stability along the path to potential reconciliation, or longer term care if necessary.

What We Need

  • Homes that meet the physical infrastructure requirements set by the province (such as bedrooms of a certain size, windows meeting fire code, sleeping arrangements in the home within standards).

  • Program requirements for driving children to school and other appointments (vehicle & drivers licences).         

  • Foster parents with an altruistic nature, being loving, nurturing the development of a child, be accepting, advocating for a child’s need, welcoming a child into their family as their own, asking for help when needed, helping a child and  their parents strengthen their relationship and family ties, and valuing a team approach.

  • See our Children's Programs or Mentor Program pages for more specific program information.

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